How to get Netflix in Australia

How to get Netflix in Australia

If you’re like me and you live in Australia (or any other country that cannot access Netflix) but would like to access Netflix then read on as i’ll explain how you can, even on multiple devices.

Account Creation

The first thing you’re going to want to do is create a Netflix account, now if you try to access in a country that doesn’t have netflix you’ll be treated to a page where you can sign up to receive a notification when it is released in your country. But we don’t want to wait do we =)

To gain access to the signup page you’re going to have to install a browser extension called Media Hint, this is currently available for Firefox and Chrome. After you’ve installed the extension and have it enabled you should be able to visit and see a “start your free month” button instead of the “signup to be notified” box. Click this button to continue to the signup page.

Fill out the sign up form, when you reach the payment section you’ll need to enter an American postcode. The only issue I had here was my credit card company thought it was a fraudulent transaction and blocked my credit card. After ringing them and letting them know it was fine they were ok to continue.

After you’ve done all that you should have an account and are ready to watch Netflix.

Watching in a Web Browser

This ones pretty straight forward, if you continue to use the Media Hint extension you should have no troubles using Netflix in your browser.

Quick tip: If you’re looking for better quality playback you can force the quality to a higher level by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S while watching a show/movie, keep in mind that this will increase buffering time and is also dependent on your internet connection speed. You can also try increasing the quality by clicking on Your Account while browsing Netflix, there should be a section in here called Manage video quality, you can increase it there.

Watching in the Windows 8 Metro App

I honestly found this way of watching Netflix to be best if you’re using Windows 8 on a Media PC. Unfortunately as Netflix is accessed as an application instead of via the web browser Media Hint won’t work here. You’ll also find that you can’t find the Netflix App on the Australian Windows 8 Store (for obvious reasons).

Firstly to get the app you can change the store’s region by changing your current location in windows (Control Panel > Region and Language > Location Tab > Change your current location to United States). Once you’ve done this search the store for the Netflix app and install it. Once installed you can change your current location back to Australia if you wish.

Now regardless of what you set your current location to the Netflix app will see you as being in Australia and won’t let you sign in. To get around this you can use a VPN (of which there are many to choose from) but for this guide i’m going to use a service called Unblock US which is enabled by changing your DNS settings instead of connecting to a VPN and possibly sacrificing your internet transfer speed.

Currently Unblock US has a 7 day free trial and is only $4.99 per month afterwards. Once you sign up for this service it will record your current ip address to your account, if you have a dynamic ip address you’ll have to download and install their auto update client, you can download it from their Windows 8 setup guide.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of changing your DNS here as Unblock US already provide some nice setup guides that will step you through it.

Once your DNS is setup correctly you should be able to access and use the Windows 8 Netflix App. You may need to restart your computer if this still doesn’t work or contact Unblock US support for assistance with their service.

Watching on an Android Device

This is a similar setup to the Windows 8 App where you’ll need to have access to a DNS service that bypasses the Netflix region check. You can use Unblock US here if you wish, there’s also an Unblock US auto update client available for Android on the Play Store, I have yet to try it but it does appear to have decent reviews. I also had luck using the free Tunlr DNS service, you may want to try this if you don’t want to pay for a DNS service.

Once you have a DNS service you can follow their respective guides on setting up a custom DNS on your Android device.

To get the actual Netflix App on your Android device you’ll need to find a copy online and side load it onto your device. Be wary here as there might be some fake downloads out there that contain viruses. Your best bet would be to use an APK downloader such as the APK Downloader Chrome Extension which will allow you to download a legit copy from the store via your browser and then you can side load it onto your Android device.

Once this is all done you should be able to use Netflix.

Watching on an iOS Device

I have not had a chance to try this yet as I do not own an iPhone or iPod. I may get a chance at some stage but if someone has had experience and would like to share feel free to do so below in the comments section. As a guess I would say it’s the same as the Android section above but i’m not sure how you’d get the application installed, you’d possible be able to play it through the browser if it doesn’t require any plugins.

Watching on Other Devices that have a Netflix Application already installed

I would say with theses devices it also should be just a matter of setting up your preferred DNS bypass service on the device.


I hope this has helped you in accessing Netflix, hopefully one day we’ll have Netflix in Australia and won’t have to use these services. If you have any questions or would like to add to this guide feel free to do so in the comments below.